6 Best Places for Go Karting in Ottawa [2024]

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Go Karting in Ottawa

Do you want to Experience Go Karting in Ottawa? If so, then here we have shared a detailed guide that covers everything related to Go Karting in Ottawa.

Go Karting is really a fun activity that is immensely popular among the youth. In this, you have to drive these karting vehicles and complete a round of the whole track in minimum time.

For those who don’t know what Go Karting is? It is a 4-wheel vehicle (just like a car) that you have to drive in a designated lane, the first one to finish the race wins the game. To be True, these karting vehicles are like mini car that have their own engine, steering wheels, brakes and clutch pedals

Driving these vehicles is so easy that if you are using it for the very first time, you can easily drive it without any worry. Brake and Gas Pedal are all you really need to know to drive these mini cars. If you already know how to drive a car then it will be a piece of cake for you.

The article provides all the information that you really need to know before going for Go Karting in Ottawa.

Is there any Go Karting in Ottawa?

Is there any Go Karting in Ottawa?

Yes! Ottawa is home to a lot of Go Karting Tracks. Amigo Karting is one of the most popular names among people as it allows drivers of all ages to try Karting, while the Mont Tremblant Académie de Karting is an unbeatable name when it comes to competitive Go Karting in Ottawa. Lastly, Top Karting is quite popular among kids because it allows them (aged between 8-12) to enjoy go karting experience with their parents.

How old you should be for Go Karting in Ottawa?

How old you should be for Go Karting in Ottawa?

There are some basic requirements for kids that they need to fulfill if they want to Go Karting in Ottawa. They should be at least 12 years or above and must have a height of at least 5 feet or more so that they can safely reach the pedals and operate the kart.

Some karting tracks in Ottawa, do have an option for kids (under 12) to try go-karting. Amigo and Top Karting are two tracks that allow kids to safely enjoy the thrill of Go Karting with their families. These kinds of karting vehicles generally have a speed limit so that kids can safely enjoy the experience.

**If you have a kid who doesn’t meet the requirements then you can go on with the double-karting option. It’s basically a kart where you can ride along with your kids (ages 8-12) while having some speed restrictions to ensure the safety of the driver and the kid. Both Top Karting, as well as Amigo Karting are known to provide such a facility in Ottawa.

Ottawa Go Karting Location Maps

Best Places for Go Karting in Ottawa

Best Places for Go Karting in Ottawa

Amigo Karting

Top Speed40-70 km/h (Depends on the Track)
Price Mini, Go Kart ($29 -$47.84) + Taxes
Double Kart ($29 -$47.84) + Taxes
Super Kart ($39 – $60.88) + Taxes
Distance15.9 miles
Opening Hours Remains open from mid-April to November

If you are looking for a perfect Go Karting track in Ottawa, then Amigo Karting should be your first choice.

Amigo has two tracks, the first one is a 630m long circuit of loop, along with a 150m straight-line track that allows drivers to reach the top speed very easily. The track is only for adult persons and no kids are allowed to kart on these.

The 2nd track of Amigo is more of a family-friendly track. It is a loop of 480m with a maximum speed of 40kmh which makes it an ideal track for kids and beginners.

The only thing that makes it unique from other karting tracks is that it provides a bunch of different options to people so that they can choose the best one for themselves. For example, their Mini karting is especially for kids who are between 8 to 12 years old with a maximum speed limit is 30 Km/h.

I prefer to go with the individual option as it allows you to have more fun without worrying about anything else.

Location: 1870 Boulevard Maloney E, Gatineau, QC J8R 3Z4, Canada

Top Karting Ottawa

Top Karting Ottawa

Top Speed56 km/h
Price$26.09 per 10 minutes – Juniors
 $39.14 per 10 minutes – Adults
Distance 4.8 miles
Opening Hours Monday to Sunday

Looking for a Go karting track in Ottawa that remains operational in the Afternoon or Evening. Then head out to ‘Top Karting’ as it has everything that you need. Its 440m long track is long enough to give a maximum speed limit of 56 kmh. Plus its closest proximity to Ottawa (around 7.8 km) makes it a perfect place to enjoy the karting experience with your friends.

Top Karting is the only Go Karting Track in Ottawa that remains open during the winter season because it has both indoor and outdoor heating tracks.

Not to mention, It also has a party room within its premises which means you can have a party and fun both at the same place. Jokes apart, if you want to be a competitive driver then you can take lessons from their academy to upgrade your skills and make your name in the go-karting industry.

Location: 200 Rue d’Edmonton, Gatineau, QC J8Y 3S6, Canada

Mont Tremblant Academie de Karting

Mont Tremblant Academie de Karting

Top Speed45 km/h
Price $30 (CAD)/ 10 minute + Taxes
Distance99 miles
Opening hours Wednesday to Friday (12 pm – 6 pm)
Saturday to Sunday (11 am – 6 pm)

‘Academie de Karting’ is another popular place in the Mont Tremblant that is known for its competitive karting tracks. Here, you can also book a session that will be supervised by an experienced instructor to enhance your skills so that you can figure out where are you lagging behind.

It also provides coaching and ground training sessions with experienced experts so that you can practically learn new things. So, if you want to make your name in go-karting then this one is a must-place for you in your beginning stage.

With the help of their professional courses, you can even apply for an official Competition karting license which gives you access to racing and championships in the future.

Location: 1281 Chem. du Village, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1G7, Canada

The Circuit Quyon

The Circuit Quyon

Top Speed 45 km/h
Price $30 (CAD)/ 10 minute + Taxes
Distance32.3 miles
Opening HoursWednesday to Friday (12 pm – 6 pm)
Saturday, Sunday (11 am – 6 pm)

The Circuit Quyon is a family-owned go-karting track that has been operational in Ottawa for the last 4 decades. The place is known for hosting the Ottawa Gatineau Karting Championship (OGKC which is basically a competition of ‘Go Karting’ in a variety of categories.

The track at Circuit Quyon is about a kilometer-long loop which is perfect to have a lot of fun as you ride on it. To your surprise, even an 8-year-old can also ride a go-kart at The Circuit Quyon if they meet the height requirement.

Location: 1254 Chem. Proven, Quyon, QC J0X 2V0, Canada

Premier Karting Inc

Premier Karting Inc

Distance 8.4 miles (15 minute Drive)
Opening Hours Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9 AM – 6 PM
Contact Details Phone: +1 613-227-0358
Premier Karting

Premier Karting is also a go-karting place in Ottawa where you can visit with your friends and family to have some adventure & fun. It almost has everything that you need to be a true champion in go-karting from professional training to practical Knowledge.

If you are serious, you can also enroll in their Karting Academy where they will teach you everything from basics to advanced about how you can make a professional career in Go Karting.

Location: 5450 Canotek Rd #80, Gloucester, ON K1J 9G5, Canada

Lombardy Raceway Karting Club

Lombardy Raceway Karting Club

Distance 54 miles (1 Hour’s drive)
Opening Hours Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM
Contact DetailsPhone Number: +1 613-276-7373
Website: Lombardy Karting Club

Lombardy Karting Club is another place that you can consider to have a great Go karting experience. The circuit loop is long enough to give you an adrenaline rush along with a wonderful joy ride.

Plus, the staff is really supportive whether you are a newbie or an experienced one. However, the only drawback it has is that it opens only twice a week. So, if you are a working person then you have to plan your weekend accordingly.

Location: 6 Kellys Rd, Lombardy, ON K0G 1L0, Canada

How much does Go Karting Cost in Ottawa?

The cost of go-karting in Ottawa depends on many factors like the track you choose, the length of your race(no. of rounds), and any additional packages that you have taken. Generally, the ideal cost of Go Karting in Ottawa is around $30-43 CAD per 15 minutes of ride.

  • Top Karting: Being the largest and most popular track in Ottawa, Top Karting’s prices are slightly higher than average. For 10 minutes of adult racing, they charge about $34.79 and $43.49 for a 15-minute race.
  • Amigo Karting: It offers slightly lower prices than Top Karting, where it charges about $28 for 10 minutes and $38 for 15 minutes of adult racing.
  • Le Circuit Quyon: Le Circuit Quyon has similar prices as compared to Top Karting, where it charges about $34 for 10 minutes and $42 for 15 minutes of adult racing.

Is Go Karting in Ottawa Safe?

Is Go Karting in Ottawa Safe?

Go Karting is totally a safe outdoor activity in Ottawa, as it follows all the safety regulations and standards set by the Canadian Karting Federation (CKF). All the Karts are equipped with safety features like roll bars, seat belts, and protective bumpers to minimize any serious injuries in case of collisions.

Besides that all the drivers are required to wear Helmets and gloves, to protect their heads and hands. As a driver, you have to follow all the safety rules and instructions provided by the track staff as they are quite important to have a safe ride experience. Keep in mind, that you only have to drive within the speed limits of the lane to avoid any fatal accidents.

Is there an age limit for Go Karting Ottawa?

Most of the Go Karting tracks in Ottawa require a minimum age of 12 years or above. Plus the driver needs to be at least 5 feet tall so that it can safely reach the pedals and operate the kart effectively. This ensures proper control and a comfortable driving experience.

If you have a kid who doesn’t fit any requirement then you can go with the double kart option, it is a kart where you ride with your kids while having some speed restriction.

You can check out the specific requirements for the track by visiting their website or contacting them directly. This is the easiest way to know whether your child meets their height and age requirements or not.

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Final Thoughts: Best Location For Go Karting Ottawa

Whether you are looking for a great afternoon to have fun while driving these karts or you just want to chill with your kids, these best places for go-karting in Ottawa are all you need to visit.

Go Karting is all about enjoying the thrill of the ride. So, don’t think that much head straight for the Go Karting track in Ottawa and have some fun.

Have a Safe Journey!

Tip: Go karting is an outdoor activity, so make sure you check out the weather forecast before making any plans. During the winter, you are required to dress warmly otherwise you will spoil your whole experience by falling ill.

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