12 Best Things to Do in Campbellford Ontario [2024]

  • Date: 26/03/2024
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Campbellford, Ontario

Are you planning to visit Campbellford and want to know about the best things to do there? If so then here we have shared more than 12 Best Things to Do in Campbellford Ontario.

Campbellford is a small town in Trent Hills, Ontario, and is located between the Trent-Severn Waterway and the Trans Canada Trail.

It is a popular tourist destination, that is known for its historic sites, natural beauty, and delicious food restaurants. During the summer, the city attracts thousands of tourists as it has a ton of activities to do.

If you are making a plan to visit the town, then continue reading the post to discover the Best Things to Do in Campbellford. We have covered everything from popular tourist attractions, fun activities, the best restaurants, and also the best hotel to stay in.

Things to Do in Campbellford Ontario

If you have already decided to visit Campbellford, then our list of popular tourist attractions and things to do in Campbellford is definitely going to help you. Trust me, the town may seem to be small but there are a lot of places that are worth visiting and exploring.

Head towards Ferris Provincial Park

View of the Trent River flowing in Ferris Provincial Park

Are you planning to camp and hike during your vacation, If so, then Ferris Provincial Park is a must-visit place for you. The park is situated on a hill of glacial origin, which offers stunning views of the Trent River Valley.

It has more than 150 campsites which include tents, trailers, and RVs. Besides that, it does have hiking trails of more than 10 km, ranging from ‘easy to difficult’ to hike.

Not to mention, Drumlin Trail is the most popular trail in Ferris Provincial Park, which is known for providing a panoramic view of the park. The trail passes through the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge laid across the Trent River and the Ranney Falls which offers a wonderful view of the entire valley.

Ferris Park has a lot of fun activities to enjoy, along with scenic views of nature. Plus, its closest proximity to the town of Campbellford, allows tourists to find restaurants, shops, and other amenities very easily.

Address: 474 County Rd 8, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

View of Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is located within Ferris Provincial Park, which is laid across the Trent River. The bridge is quite popular for offering a stunning view of Ranney Falls and the Trent River flowing below it.

Believe me, walking on it is such an exhilarating experience that you can’t forget for your whole life if you have a fear of heights. To elevate your fear, the bridge is 51m above the ground level which is fairly enough to scare the shit out of you as you walk over it. (Just Kidding)

It is a beautiful attraction in Ferris Provincial Park and also a great place to experience the natural beauty of Campbellford and the Trent River Valley.

Address: Trent Dr, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Have a Selfie with Giant Toonie

Image of Giant Toonie located at Old Mill Park along the Trent River Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

Giant Toonie(Two Dollar Coin) is the most popular tourist attraction in Campbellford. It is located at Old Mill Park along the Trent River making it a perfect place to add to your bucket list of things to do in Campbellford.

The Giant Toonie was built back in 2001 in honor of Brent Townsend, a wildlife artist, who designed the logo of the polar bear on the Canadian 2-dollar coin. The coin is about 8.2 meters high(27 feet) and its diameter is about 5.5 meters which makes it a popular landmark in the Town.

Generally, tourists love to take a bunch of selfies with the Giant Toonie as a memory of their vacation trip to Campbellford.

Address: 55 Grand Rd #1, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Visit the Healey Falls

Image of Healey Falls

Healey Falls
is basically a waterfall located on the Trent River in Campbellford. It is a major tourist destination known for swimming and fishing.

The fall is about 400 feet wide which offers a soothing view to watch as the water flows down from the dam. It flows through a series of small steps and is controlled by a hydroelectric dam, which means you may see different water flows depending on the time of year you visit the Town.

It is a perfect place to visit with your partner as well as with your family as it has many areas where you can sit down and enjoy the scenic view of the fall.

Frankly speaking, it’s one of the best places in Campbellford to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Address: Healey Falls, ON K0K 2M0, Canada

Attend a Music Performance at Westben

Front view of the Westben Theatre

Westben Performing Arts Theatre aka Westben is a non-profit arts organization. It aims to bring people together through music and promote the spirit of brotherhood in the community. It also serves as a platform in the town where local artists can showcase their hidden talents.

Westben was basically a barn that was renovated and changed into a Theatre in 2001, by Didier Schwartz of the Sun Wood Company. Now, it can easily accommodate around 400 people at a time.

The place is quite popular in the Town for its summer festival season which begins in June and lasts till August. During the festival season, the place hosts a variety of musical performances and live shows, like classical, jazz, and folk.

Westben is a great place to visit, enjoy some great music, and connect with the local community of the town.

Address: 6698 County Rd 30, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Visit the Old Mill Park

View of Old Mill Park

Old Mill Park is a tourist attraction located in the middle of Campbellford and is situated beside the Trent River.

It is the same place where the Giant Toonie(2 Dollar Coin) is erected, in honor of Brent Townsend, the artist who created the original polar bear design on the coin. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Trent River.

If you have already made your plan to visit the park then you should know that there is no parking spot inside this park but you can park your vehicle at street parking located near the entrance.

Address: 51 Grand Rd, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0

Have some Desserts from Dooher’s Bakery

Front view of the Dooher's Bakery

Dooher’s Bakery is a renowned bakery that is quite popular for its fresh-baked breads, pastries, and donuts in the town. It is especially known for its cream-filled donuts, which are available in a variety of flavors.

Believe me, it’s a perfect place to have some sweet treats for your friends & families. If you are visiting Campbellford for the very first time then it is a must-visit place for you.

Address: 61 Bridge St E, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Visit the Empire Cheese Factory

Front view of the Empire Cheese Factory

The Empire Cheese Company is also a popular destination for both tourists as well as locals. It is a family-owned business that has been operational since 1913. The place is known for using traditional methods to make cheddar cheese which does not contain any additives and flavors.

It produces a variety of cheddar cheeses, including mild, medium, sharp, and extra sharp. Besides that, it also has a store where visitors can purchase cheese, and other dairy products at a great price.

If you are a cheese lover and want to learn about the cheese-making process then the Empire Cheese Factory is a must-visit place for you.

Address: 1120 County Rd 8, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Grab some Chocolate from the World’s Finest Chocolate

Front view of the World's Finest Chocolate Factory Outlet Store

World’s Finest Chocolate is a factory outlet of a chocolate company that has been serving the public since 1999. The store is known for its delicious chocolate products that are totally worth trying.

It provides a bunch of different chocolate products like chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, and a lot more.

Being a chocolate lover, I was thrilled to come across so many varieties of chocolate products. If you too love chocolate, then you can’t afford to miss this place.

Address: 157 Cockburn St, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Visit the Church Key Brewing Company

A distant image of the Church Key Brewing Company

Church Key Brewing Company is a crafted brewery that was founded back in 2000. It is immensely popular in the town for using traditional brewing methods and the finest ingredients to make a variety of beers.

It’s a great place to visit if you want to learn about the brewing process along with trying some samples of different types of beers. The brewery also has a taproom where visitors and tourists can enjoy some beer and meals at a reasonable price.

So don’t forget to add Church Key Brewing Company to your must-visit place list in Cambellford.

Address: 1678 County Rd 38, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Enjoy a Movie at the Aron Theatre

A distant view of the Aron Theatre

If you are fond of watching movies at the Theatre, then visiting ‘Aron Theatre’ is pretty much all you need. It is a historic cinema house which is known for its Art Deco architecture and for showcasing independent arthouse films.

If you are visiting the town with your family and friends then trust me it’s the best place to begin your journey of exploring the town. Pro Tip: Book tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Address: Aron Theatre Co-op, Bridge Street East, Campbellford, ON, Canada

Visit the Campbellford Farmers’ Market

A signboard at Campbellford Farmers' Market

Looking for some outdoor fun activity in the town, then head out straight towards the Campbellford Farmers’ Market. It is an outdoor market that takes place every Saturday from May to October (8 a.m. to 12 p.m.).

It has many street vendors that sell fresh produce like meats, baked breads, fruits, and vegetables. It’s also a perfect place to shop for groceries and support the local businesses in the Town.

Address: Campbellford Farmers’ Market, Front Street South, Campbellford, ON, Canada

Town of Campbellford

Town of Campbellford

Campbellford is a beautiful town located in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. It is situated along the Trent-Severn Waterway and is quite popular for its outdoor activities, and friendly local community.

The place is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes which provide a variety of delicious food and drinks. The Campbellford Town Hall and Public Library, Giant Toonie, Dooher’s Bakery, and Empire Cheese Factory are also some of the famous attractions in the Town.

Surprisingly, as per the Census of 2021, the population of the town of Campbellford is 3,372, which has decreased by about 0.6% compared to the 2016 Census population which was 3,400. But still, the town attracts thousands of tourists every single year.

If you are looking for a beautiful and welcoming place then, Campbellford is a great place to visit and escape the bustle of your everyday life.

Best Hotels to Stay in Campbellford

There are many hotels in the town where you can stay as per convenience but if you are looking for the Best Hotel in Campbellford to Stay then scroll down below.

The Waters Edge Inn

Riverside view of the The Waters Edge Inn Hotel, Cambellford

The Waters Edge Inn is a cozy hotel located right along the Trent-Severn Waterway. It’s a great place to stay along with the stunning views of the Trent River.

The hotel offers a variety of rooms and all of them are equipped with modern amenities, like free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and mini-fridges so you can relax without any worry.

If you want some outdoor fun, you can also enjoy the heated outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a sauna.

Address: 149 Queen St, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Emilyville Inn

Image of the Emilyville Inn Hotel

The Emilyville Inn is a historic Victorian mansion, that offers different types of rooms for stay. Every room is decorated with a mix of both historic and modern styles, which make it look cozy as well as relaxing.

The inn also offers a full breakfast each morning and a lot of amenities for the guests to enjoy, like a hot tub, a sauna, a games room, and a lot more.

Pro Tip: Book in advance(days before the actual planned trip) otherwise you won’t be able to get it.

Address: 60 Grand Rd, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Campbellford River Inn

Front view of the Campbellford River Inn Hotel

It’s another great option for those who are looking for a hotel with stunning views of the Trent-Severn Waterway. The hotel is located right along the riverbank and has pretty much all the amenities, that everyone needs like from Wi-Fi to mini-fridges.

Address: 316 County Rd 38, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

The Marmora and Lake Inn

Image of the The Marmora and Lake Inn

The Marmora and Lake Inn is the best and my favorite place to stay whenever we make plans to visit the Campbellford. The whole staff and the owner were so hospitable and welcoming. Frankly speaking, it felt to me like I was visiting my friend’s house when I stayed here.

Address: 29 Bursthall St, Marmora, ON K0K 2M0, Canada

Wingfield Inn & Gardens Countryside Resort

Distant image of the Wingfield Inn & Gardens Countryside Resort, Campbellford

Wingfield Inn & Gardens Countryside Resort is a luxurious resort, spread across 5 acres of land along the beautiful riverfront area of the Trent River. The resort is popular among tourists as it has the most spacious accommodations facilities, beautiful gardens, and welcoming staff that make it worth staying here.

It is just a 10-minute drive from downtown Campbellford to reach here. If you are planning your vacation with a larger group or have some sort of big family function the resort can easily accommodate or arrange the facilities.

Address: 948B Wingfield Rd, Stirling-Rawdon, ON K0K 1L0, Canada

Best Restaurants in Campbellford

There are many great places in Campbellford where you can enjoy your food. But here I have made a list of the Best Restaurants in Campbellford that have delicious food along with waterfront views of the Trent River.

Antonia’s Bistro

Image of the food severed at Antonia's Bistro Restaurant, Cambellford

Antonia’s Bistro is a well-known dining restaurant in the Town for its Italian cuisine. Its fresh, seasonal ingredients, cozy atmosphere, welcoming staff, and creative dishes are some of the reasons why people are so fond of visiting this restaurant.

Plus, the menu of the restaurant keeps on changing regularly, which means you will always find something new to try along with some classic Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and seafood. It’s a great restaurant to visit if you are visiting the Town with your friends and family.

Address: 28 Doxsee Ave S, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

Capers Tap House

Image of the Capers Tap House Restaurant, Campbellford

Capers Tap House is more of a casual restaurant that is known for its variety of items. The Capers Burger is one such item that is topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg and is so popular among the locals and tourists. Besides that, the place is also famous for serving different types of local wines and craft brews.

The staff as well as the service of the restaurant are top notch, plus they all are super friendly. The food is so delicious that are going to love it. Plus it’s not that expensive making it a must-visit restaurant for anyone who is staying in Campbellford.

Address: 28 Bridge St W, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

52 North Pub & Grill

Image of a food served at 52 North Pub & Gril Restaurant.

52 North Pub & Grill is a well-known restaurant among locals as well as tourists. It is known in the town for its friendly staff and its delicious food.

The place has a wide variety of classic food, such as wings, burgers, and nachos. Being located right beside the river allows you to have a stunning view of the river while enjoying your favorite food.

Address: 52 Front St N, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

The Riverview Restaurant

A distant image of the The Riverview Restaurant.

The Riverview Restaurant is more of a family-friendly restaurant that serves classic Canadian cuisine. The mesmerizing views of the Trent River and its delicious food make it worth visiting the place.

The coolest thing about the Riverview Restaurant is that it has a children’s menu. All that makes it a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal while gazing at the beauty of nature(Trent River).

Address: 6 Front St N, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

The Dockside Bistro

Front view of the The Dockside Bistro Restaurant.

Looking for a place to enjoy food in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, then head out straight towards “The Dockside Bistro” restaurant. It has a variety of delicious dishes and cuisines, made from natural and authentic ingredients.

The cozy atmosphere of the outdoor patio, along with super friendly staff, makes the whole experience feel so homey and comfortable.

Address: 67 Queen St, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada

What is Campbellford known for?

What is Campbellford known for?

Campbellford is a small beautiful town located in Northumberland County, Ontario. It is located just beside the Trent River and is quite popular for its charming downtown, outdoor activities, and friendly people.

It is situated on the Trent-Severn Waterway and is perfectly surrounded by the beautiful view of the Trent River. If you are an outdoor person then you can enjoy boating and Kayaking in the river.

Besides that, you can also visit the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge, which offers stunning views of the Trent River Valley. Plus the people of the town are so friendly and welcoming that no matter how long you stay you gonna feel that you are staying in your home.

The town has so many unique tourist attractions, such as the Empire Cheese Factory, the Wingfield Inn & Gardens Countryside Resort, Giant Toonie, Ferris Provincial Park, the Campbellford Farmers’ Market, and many others, all that will make sure that always have something to explore.

What County is Campbellford in?

What county is Campbellford in?

Campbellford is located in the Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.

Northumberland County is a rural municipality located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The place is popular for its beautiful scenery view and friendly people.

Besides that, it is home to many historical tourist attractions, such as the Cobourg Waterfront, the Port Hope Marina, and the Trent Hills.

Is Campbellford a good place to live?

Yeah, Campbellford is a great place to live. It is a small town with super friendly people and a safe community to live in. Here are a bunch of reasons why you should live in Campbellford.

  • Beautiful scenery: It is located on the Trent-Severn Waterway aka along the Trent River which makes it a perfect spot for hiking, boating, Kayaking, and fishing.
  • Friendly people: The people of Campbellford are friendly and welcoming as they are always willing to help out their neighbors or any needy person.
  • Affordable cost of living: The most important reason to stay in Campbellford is the low cost of living, compared to other parts of Ontario. This makes it a great place to live with your family.
  • Good schools: It is home to a number of good schools, both public as well as private which further makes it a great place to raise a kid.
  • Safe community: Campbellford is a safe community with a low crime rate in the entire province. Residents feel totally safe walking around their neighborhoods even at late night.

Driving from Toronto to Campbellford

Driving from Toronto to Campbellford is a 180 Km long ride which takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes if you are going via Highway 401 and County Road 30.

From Toronto, you need to head south on Bay Street toward Albert Street. Now take a U-turn at Lane South Adelaide East Bay and turn right onto Adelaide Street W. Now you need to take the Don Valley Parkway North ramp and merge with the Don Valley Parkway N.

Take the ON-401 E exit and merge with ON 401 Express. Keep left to stay on ON 401 Express and merge with ON-401 E. Take exit 509 toward County Road 30 and turn left onto County Road 30. Turn right onto Bridge Street W/County Road 8. Hurrah! you have finally arrived in Campbellford.

Final Thoughts: Visiting Campbellford

Campbellford is a beautiful town that is truly filled with so many unique places to explore. If you are looking for a peaceful and calm environment to spend a week off from your busy life then you need to visit and explore the Campbellford.

Literally, the town has everything that you want from historic sites to delicious local cuisine. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time in Campbellford! because “It’s a truly special place.”

Have a Safe Journey!

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