Ultimate Guide to Sharbot Lake, Ontario: Things to Do, Where to Stay

  • Date: 30/03/2024
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Do you like the idea of spending your vacations around a beautiful Lake while staying in the Cozzy Cottages? Most of the Citizens of Ottawa will agree to this point that summer isn’t complete without having to trip to some cozy cottages located around a beautiful waterbody.

If you are looking for a location that has such a beautiful sight of nature then Sharbot Lake, Ontario is a perfect place for you.

Sharbot Lake located in Eastern Ontario, Canada is a Hidden Gem and also it is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and swimming. The Lake has Crystal Clear water which is so soothing to watch, on top of that there are a lot of activities that will keep you busy throughout your whole vacation.

In the article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to Sharbot Lake, Ontario. We will cover everything from popular tourist destinations to Sharbot Lake Village.

Sharbot Lake Ontario

Sharbot Lake Ontario

Sharbot Lake is an extremely beautiful Lake located in eastern Ontario, Canada. The Lake is quite popular for its Crystal Clear Fresh Water, clean air, and scenic nature views.

During the summer season, the place is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, biking, Fishing, and other water sports. As winter arrives the place turns into a heaven for people who love ice sports like Skiing, Ice fishing, and snowmobiling.

Not to mention, It’s also a popular destination for fishing as it has a variety of fish, including bass, pike, and muskie. There are also many fishing lodges and charter boats located on the lake that you can take to enhance your fishing experience.

Thousands of tourists and locals visit Sharbot Lake every single year to explore the beauty of nature and have a break from their busy lives. The closest approximation to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park also helps the place to get a lot of visitors.

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful scenic natural park that is located on the shores of Sharbot Lake, Ontario. It’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts as the park has tons of recreational activities throughout the whole year.

It has more than 200 camping sites for both tents and trailers, and some sites even have stunning Sharbot lakefront views which makes it an ideal place to stay for nature lovers.

Also, it’s home to a variety of fish, like bass, pike, and muskie, which means you will have a great time fishing in the lake but don’t forget to take the fishing permit.

If you want you can kayak in Black Lake which is basically a smaller and calmer lake than Sharbot.

Besides all that, if you are a person who likes hiking then the park has two short hiking trails Discovery Trail which is about 1.2 km long, and Ridgeview Trail which is about 0.5 km long and fairly easy to hike.

Sharbot Lake Population

Sadly, Sharbot Lake doesn’t have a defined population as it’s not an incorporated town. It’s primarily a recreational area within the township of Central Frontenac in Ontario, Canada. So the total population of Central Frontenac Township as of 2021 was 5,801. This includes residents living in various communities and settlements around Sharbot Lake, not just the park itself. So, the Ideal population around Sharbot Lake is around 1500.

10 Best Things to Do in Sharbot Lake

Sharbot Lake is a perfect place if you want to do some outdoor activities/sports in nature. There are a lot of recreational activities that you can do like swimming, canoeing, fishing kayaking, and a lot more.

Explore the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park is a must-visit place if you are planning to visit Sharbot Lake. Its closest proximity allows you to visit both places within the same day. The park is known for its nice sandy beaches that remain packed up for swimming and relaxing, especially on hot sunny days.

Try Fishing

Sharbot Lake has a variety of fish like bass, pike, muskie, and a lot more. So go grab your pole and cast your line for bass, or muskie (the king of Sharbot Lake). Even if you are just a beginner you are sure to have some great fishing experience at the Sharbot Lake.

Try Camping in Wild

If you are an outdoor person then you will love the idea of trying camping in the wild. All you need do is just set up a tent and have at least one of your best friends (if you can). As the night came by lit up some fire to roast marshmallows, share spooky stories, and spend a night watching and sleeping under the stars.

Explore the Silver Lake Provincial Park

Silver Lake Park is a beautiful Provincial park in Ontario, Canada. The place has tons of recreational activities that you can do like picnics, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and a lot more. If you want to stay overnight in the park, then camp by the lake and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Grab a Delicious Meal from Local Cafes

There are a lot of cafes around Lake that are known for serving delicious food and drinks. Almost all of them have super generous and welcoming staff who will take care of your craving tummy needs.

Explore the Sharbot Lake Village

It’s a small village located in eastern Ontario, that is quite popular for being a tourist destination, especially in the summers. The village has so much history that exploring it is like stepping back in time, with a bit of a modern twist.

Stroll the Paddles

Believe me, this is the best thing to do at Sharbot Lake, you can’t afford to miss this one. All you need is a kayak or a canoe along with a paddle. Now find a calmer side of the lake so that you can smoothly paddle and enjoy the creation of mother nature. Sail along the

Watch the Sunset

At the time of sunset just leave your phone, and find a great spot to watch this amazing natural phenomenon. As the sun goes down, the sky turns into a fiery picture making it so soothing to watch, and then the dark takes over the sky.

Hike the Kick & Rush Trail

This is a 19-kilometer (11-mile) long trail that goes right through the Sharbot Lake Village making it a perfect way for a relaxed walk or riding a bike. Along the way, you’ll see the Railway Heritage Park, it’s a park dedicated to the former railway that used to run through Sharbot Lake.

Swim at Sharbot Lake Beach

Sharbot Lake Beach located in the village of Sharbot Lake, is an ideal place for swimming, relaxing, and picnicking with your friends and family. The beach has a playground for the kids where they can play and have some fun.

Best Places to Stay in Sharbot Lake

There are different types of accommodation available at Sharbot Lake ranging from an Inn, vacation rentals, Airbnb, cottages, and also you can head out for camping.

Rock Hill Bed and Breakfast

Rock Hill Bed and Breakfast

It’s a cozy B&B with beautifully decorated rooms situated right along the beautiful Sharbot Lake. The staff of the place is so helpful and welcoming in nature.

Not to mention, the food is also very delicious. On top of that, you can also kayak or canoe on the calmer side of the lake while staying in the Rock Hill Bed and Breakfast.

Mohawk Lodge

Mohawk Lodge

Mohawk Lodge is a private cottage that is located on the shores of Big Clear Sharbot Lake. The Cottages are perfect if you want to stay near Sharbot Lake. Each cottage has a cozy fireplace, a relaxing hot tub, and a private deck to the guests to enjoy.

Sharbot Lake Country Inn & The Crossing Pub

Sharbot Lake Country Inn & The Crossing Pub

Sharbot Lake Country Inn & The Crossing Pub is a family-friendly inn that has a variety of rooms along with a restaurant. There is also a playground with plenty of space for kids to play around and have fun. Being so close to Sharbot Lake you can also enjoy some water activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing.

Wolfe Springs Resort

Wolfe Springs Resort

If you are looking for a place where you can easily do a lot of adventurous activities then Wolfe Springs Resort is a perfect place for you. The resort offers a lot of outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, swimming, and kayaking. Besides that, there is also a spa where you can relax after doing all the activities.

Clyde Hall Bed and Breakfast

Clyde Hall Bed and Breakfast

Clyde Hall is an affordable choice for those people who are a bit tight on budget. It offers a variety of amenities, including a shared kitchen and a living room. Being located in a quiet area it’s a great spot to relax and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Is Sharbot Lake good for Swimming?

Is Sharbot Lake good for Swimming?

Yes, Sharbot Lake is a great place for swimming thanks to its clean water. The lake is quite popular for its clear water which in turn attracts locals as well as hundreds of tourists who love to dive in clean water.

On top of that, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment regularly tests the water quality at Sharbot Lake to make sure it meets all the safety standards for swimming. You can check the latest water quality report on the Swim Guide website.

The water temperature in Sharbot Lake can vary depending on what time of year you are visiting it. It generally remains warm in the summer months (July-August) and can be quite chilly in the spring(winter) and fall.

Overall, Sharbot Lake is a great place to go for a swim, especially if you’re looking for a clean lake away from the city. Make sure to check the water quality report before you go for swimming.

What fish are in Sharbot Lake?

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then Sahrbot Lake is a haven for you. The place is home to a variety of fish, like bass, pike, & muskie, and a permit is required if you want to catch them at the Lake.

Here you will find both largemouth and smallmouth bass hanging around weed beds and rocky shores, making them perfect targets to test your fishing skills. Watch out for the northern pike lurking in the shallows, which are always ready to attack at any moment.

If you prefer deep-water fishing, try your hand at catching elusive walleyes and sizable lake trout. And if you’re lucky enough, then there’s a chance you might come across the legendary muskellunge, the king of the lake.

Just make sure to check the fishing regulations before you head out on your aquatic adventure. So, grab your favorite fishing gear, and have a great fishing experience at Sharbot Lake!

How long is Sharbot Lake?

Sharbot Lake

The length of Sharbot Lake isn’t as straightforward as it seems to be. The Lake has two different basins, each one has its own scenic views of Nature: The East Basin is the narrower arm with an approx. length of 5.9 kilometers (3.7 miles) from north to south direction. While the West Basin is broader and more open which in turn stretches it over to the length of 9.5 kilometers (5.9 miles) from north to south direction.

How far is Sharbot Lake from Ottawa?

The distance between Sharbot Lake and Ottawa is around 105.5 kilometers (65.5 miles) and the whole journey will take around 1 hour & 30 minutes to complete.

Here is how you can reach Sharbot Lake from Ottawa(via Hwy 7/Trans-Canada Hwy)

Firstly, Head towards the southwest on Albert St/Ottawa 42 toward O’Connor St. Now, Turn left onto O’Connor St. After that, Slight right to merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-417 W.

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 145 for ON-7 toward Carleton Place/Toronto and Continue onto Hwy 7/Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7. Lastly, Turn left onto Rd. 38/County Road 38 (signs for Sharbot Lake/Kingston).

Use all the above directions and will reach Sharbot Lake safely.

How far is Sharbot Lake from Toronto?

The distance between Sharbot Lake and Toronto is around 286 kilometers (177.72 miles) which in turn takes about 3 hours & 30 minutes to complete the whole journey.

Here is how you can reach Sharbot Lake from Toronto (Via ON-401 and Trans-Canada Highway, ON-7)

Start your journey from Toronto. Now, Take the ON-401 East towards Kingston, and after that merge onto the ON-401 East from your preferred Toronto location. Make sure you follow the signs for Kingston for approximately 250 km (155 miles).

Exit onto the Trans-Canada Highway, ON-17, towards Ottawa: Just before Kingston, look for signs for the Trans-Canada Highway, ON-17, towards Ottawa. Now, take Exit 610 and merge onto the ON-17 East and continue on the ON-17 East for approximately another 70 km (43 miles).

Lastly, take exit onto ON-7 North towards Sharbot Lake and look for signs for Exit 184 towards Sharbot Lake and Perth. Now, take Exit 184 & turn onto ON-7 North, and follow the ON-7 North for approximately 35 km (22 miles) until you reach Sharbot Lake.

Final Thoughts: Sharbot Lake, Ontario

Sharbot Lake is a perfect place to escape the bustle of your everyday life and enjoy some stunning views of nature. The place has so many outdoor activities that you can’t get bored and will always have something to do during your entire vacation.

So, If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy some amazing outdoor activities then you should consider visiting Sharbot Lake.

Have a Safe Journey!

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