25 Best Things to Do in London, Ontario [2024]

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Best Things to Do in London, Ontario

Want to know about the Best Things to Do in London, Ontario? If so, then here we have shared more than 25 Fun Things that you can do in London, Ontario.

London Ontario is a beautiful and diverse city, which is situated along the banks of the Thames River in southwestern Ontario. The city has a population of more than 400K people which makes it the 5th populous city in the Province.

The place is quite popular for its rich culture and many tourist attractions. It is home to the University of Western Ontario and many other popular educational institutes which give the city another popular name known as a “University city”.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, London Ontario has literally so many parks, trails, and greenspaces, which gives you ample opportunities to stroll around and relax with scenic views of nature.

Whether it the academic pursuits, professional opportunities, or cultural exploration, London, Ontario is always open for visitors with its warm and welcoming hospitality.

What is London Ontario famous for?

London Ontario also known as ‘The Forest City’ is famous for being a hub of higher education institutes, advanced medical research facilities, and also for world-class manufacturing technology. With a population of more than 400K people, the city stands as the 5th most populous city in the entire Ontario province.

The place is also home to the University of Western Ontario and many other popular educational institutes which gives the city another(second) name “University City of Ontario”.

25 Fun & Best Things to Do in London, Ontario

Here, we have covered everything from visiting the popular tourist destination to simply strolling in the parks. Read the article to explore and know the best places to visit in London, Ontario.

Visit the Budweiser Gardens

Budweiser Gardens

Budweiser Gardens is the largest sports entertainment center in southwestern Ontario. It is a perfect place for those who love hockey & basketball and want to watch a live game. The arena hosts a variety of events, like concerts, musical performances, and family shows.

It is also home to the London Knights, the most popular team in the Ontario Hockey League. Being located in the heart of downtown London makes it an easily accessible spot for everyone even if you are using public transportation.

Explore the Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market also known as “London’s Original Market” is a popular tourist attraction in downtown London Ontario. The place remains open for the whole week (only differs in opening and closing hours, for more details visit here) and has pretty much everything that you can imagine.

The market was started back in the 16th century when it used to serve as a bustling hub for trading produce and livestock. Over the years, the place has changed drastically, and now it’s a renowned shopping destination, attracting thousands of visitors every year from different nations.

Even the place has more than 18 restaurants within the market, so if you get hungry while shopping then you can enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurants.

Stroll around 100 Kellogg Lane

100 Kellogg Lane

100 Kellogg Lane is one of the biggest and also the newest entertainment complex in Ontario. The place has everything from shopping to dining to world-class entertainment suitable for all ages whether you are young or old.

It also has a huge indoor adventure park, that has many fun activities from mini-golf to sports simulators and bocce ball courts. Even for kids, the place has an indoor ropes course, trampolines, and ziplines to keep them entertained and busy.

Tour Oldest House ‘Eldon House’

Eldon House

Eldon House built in 1834, is a preserved historic landmark of the city’s old history and culture. To your surprise, it’s the oldest residence in London, Ontario from the time people started settling in the area.

The tourist attraction offers several programs and workshops throughout the year. The beautiful garden as well as Harris Parks (which belongs to the property) makes it a perfect spot for outdoor events like wedding ceremonies, and birthday parties.

It remains open for tours from Tuesday to Sunday and the tours are available both in English as well as French language.

Have some fun at Boler Mountain

Boler Mountain

If you love outdoor sports and attractions, especially in winter then Boler Mountain is a must-visit place for you. It’s an immensely popular destination for snowboarding and ski hills making it a perfect spot for anyone who wants to enjoy snow sports.

Besides that, the place also has Treetop Adventure Park, mountain bike trails, and a lot of other fun places where you can enjoy and relax.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Boler Mountain

Skiing and Snowboarding at Boler Mountain

Boler Mountain is one of the most popular spots for skiing and snowboarding in London, Ontario during the winter season. The reason why people love skiing on Boler Mountain is because of its flat landscape which allows you to enjoy snowboarding and skiing without leaving the city.

Hiking & Biking Trails at Boler Mountain

If you want to do some Hiking & Mountain Biking then here we have provided a list of trails that you can take along the distance that you have to travel to complete it.

Hiking Trail NameDistance (Approx.)
Walking Fitness Trail
Beginner Trail1.5 Km
Intermediate Trail 3 Km
Expert Tail 5 Km
Biking Trails Name
Beginner Trail2 Km
Intermediate Trail 4 Km
Expert Tail (x2)6 Km

Treetop Adventure Park at Boler Mountain

Treetop Adventure Park is an adventurous park for those who want to do some fun activities that are inspired by nature. Zip lines, Rope Courses, Swinging Bridges, Tarzan Swings, and Pirate Nets are some of the fun activities that you can do at Treetop Adventure Park.

There are many courses (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) differing in difficulty levels, for both adults and kids. If you are an outdoor person then you need to try these outdoor activities in London.

It’s probably the best way to support the local business while enjoying outdoor activities in nature.

Explore the Fanshawe Pioneer Village & Conservation Area

Fanshawe Pioneer Village & Conservation Area

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is more of an open-air museum that gives you a glimpse into the life of people and how they used to live 19th and early 20th centuries. The village is located within the Fanshawe Conservation Area(the largest natural area).

As you stroll around the village you will find many old buildings, churches, chapels, and a lot of other old monuments that will help you know the different aspects of their everyday life during that time.

Whether you are going with friends or family, it’s the best activity that you can do in London, Ontario. Plus it’s also a great way to know about a bit of the history of that place.

If you are visiting the town in the off-season in winter then I recommend you to try snow skiing as the way through the village turns itself into a public skiing area as the snow falls.

Fanshawe Conservation Area

Fanshawe Conservation Area

Fanshawe Conservation Area is the largest natural conservation center in London Ontario. It’s a haven for nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts, who are looking for a relaxing spot to escape the bustle of their city life.

It has a huge water reservoir which is a perfect place to watch the sun setting down. Besides that, the place also provides seasonal as well as night campsites, so if you are planning a weekend off with your friends and family then you need to check out the Fanshawe Area.

Stroll around the Storybook Gardens

Storybook Gardens

If you are traveling with your kids, then you can’t afford to miss the exploration of Storybook Gardens. It’s a place where the stories of ghosts and fairy tales come to life for kids and I am sure your kids are going to love it.

This family-friendly park was opened back in 1958 and has been a quite popular destination among kids because of the nursery rhyme-themed rides & attractions.

Humpty Dumpty at Storybook Gardens
Humpty Dumpty at Storybook Gardens

Here, kids can also enjoy the different rides and have a bunch of photos with the Humpty Dumpty as a memory of their trip. Besides that, the Gardens also host many special events which ultimately makes it a great place for family outings, and birthday parties.

Visit the Apple Land Station

 Apple Land Station

Want to spend some quality time with nature then head out straight to the “Apple Land Station”. It’s an apple orchard where you can enjoy the fresh produce along with the delicious taste of more than 25+ varieties of apples grown here organically.

The place is not all about apple orchards, but it does have a ton of activities for kids to enjoy. They can enjoy the wagon rides, explore the corn maze, go through the spooky tunnels, and a lot more.

Plus, there is also an indoor market where you can but freshly baked goods and local artisan items. 

Take a walk through Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a perfect place to relax with the scenic view of nature. The park hosts a variety of community events, festivals, and cultural gatherings to promote harmony and social cohesion in society.

The best thing about the park is its open spaces, where visitors can enjoy picnics and, barbecues. Besides that, the park has many amenities for sports enthusiasts, like tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and also a children’s playground for kids.

To be true, it’s a great place where people can connect with nature, enjoy the outdoors fun activities, and create lasting memories with their friends and family.

Explore the London Children’s Museum

London Children’s Museum

Want your kids to not annoy you and have some fun, then you should visit the London Children’s Museum. The place attracts more than 200K visitors (both tourists and locals) every single year which makes the museum one of the most popular destinations in London Ontario.

The museum has done excellent work by combining history, science, and arts in such a way that kids can learn as well as have fun while exploring the place.

Kids can also explore the dinosaur room, the ‘Child Long Ago’ exhibition, and understand more about the environment and learn how to protect it.

Dive into Ontario’s History at Museum London

Museum London

If you are a history buff then you need to visit the Museum London, situated along the Thames River. It has some of the finest and unique artifacts from across Canada. It is known for demonstrating the rich cultural and social history of the region from the First Nations settlers to the present time.

It also hosts a variety of events, including lectures, workshops, and cultural festivals, to celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging in the social community.

It’s a perfect place to deep dive into the history of the region and learn more about how things were back in those times.

Move around the Springbank Park

Springbank Park

Spread over 350 acres, Springbank Park along the Thames River should be No. 1 on your bucket list of places to visit in London Ontario. Officially it’s the largest public park in the city having 30 kilometers of long trails.

It’s the oldest park in the city which was first open for the public back in the 1800s and still holds the title of ‘largest park’ in London, Ontario.

If you are planning to visit London Ontario whether you are with your friends or family you definitely need to visit Springbank Park and enjoy the calmness and scenic view of nature.

 Meet the Medical Hero ‘Sir Banting’

Sir Banting Statue

Banting House is such a significant place for medical history, as it’s the place where insulin was discovered, which saved the lives of millions of people worldwide who were suffering from diabetes.

The place stands as a reminder of the power of scientific discovery capable of saving millions of lives. The museum showcases various artifacts and informative displays about how Sir Banting made the discovery of Insulin and changed medical history forever.

If you want you can also book a guided tour of the place to know more about the place in detail.

Explore the Jet Aircraft Museum

Jet Aircraft Museum

The Jet Aircraft Museum is a great place to visit if you want to know about the military history of Canada or have a keen interest in Jet and Airplanes. The Museum was opened back in 2009 and displays many vintage jet fighter planes and many of them are still operational.

Canadair CT-133 Silver Star is a versatile training jet that played an important role in shaping the Royal Canadian Air Force. You can also enjoy the flight experience programs from some of the museum’s aircraft if you have booked them in advance.

To be true, the place is really a gem as it preserves the aviation history of Canada and educates the public about the importance of the jet in the real world.

Visit the St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica

St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica is a beautiful church located in London that was built back in 1885. It is purely based on the design of English Gothic cathedrals. The cathedral still holds a great religious value and also serves as a place to pray and worship.

The architecture of the place is so unique and astonishing that it will make you think that you are strolling in a royal palace.

Scout the Museum of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology

If you are curious about how humans lived hundreds of years ago, then you should visit the Museum of Archaeology. It has an exhibition where various artifacts, and tools are displayed so that you can get a glimpse of the history and culture of the people who used to live in Southwestern Ontario.

It remains open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, and admission is free. It hosts various special events throughout the year to teach visitors about the archaeology of Southwestern Ontario and showcase the rare artifacts to the public.

Tour the Forest City Gallery

Forest City Gallery

It’s a city gallery center where you can check out some amazing artwork by local as well as international artists. The place showcases a wide range of exhibitions of different art practices like painting, sculpture, photography, and videography.

Frankly speaking, the place will only be worth visiting if you have any affection for arts and culture.

Relax at Westminster Ponds

Westminster Ponds

Spread across 200 hectares, Westminster Pond is an ideal place to relax in nature and escape the bustle of everyday life.

It is a beautiful natural habitat that is home to a variety of ponds, wetlands, wildlife, and forests. On top of that, it’s a known spot for bird-watching, hiking, and fishing.

The ponds have a walking trail of more than 10 Kilometers making it a great spot for hiking lovers. Visitors are allowed to fish or kayak on the ponds(cross-check with the officials).

Watch a Show at the Aeolian Hall

Aeolian Hall

Aeolian Hall is a historic music hall that is known for hosting a variety of concerts, like classical, jazz, folk music, and a lot more. It was built back in 1884 and has already served as a fire station, courthouse, public library, school, and several businesses.

In 1947, Gordon D. Jeffery bought the place and converted it into a concert venue. The place is perfect for watching a live concert of local artists.

Go for a Hiking on the Trails

Go for a Hiking on the Trails

“The Forest City” the second name of London Ontario has more than 200 parks, and its scenic Thames Valley Parkway has trails of more than 40 km that go throughout the city.

All the pathways and sidewalks in the city are properly maintained and regularly paved from time to time and most of the trails are also well maintained and marked so hiking them is not really a problem.

All this makes London, Ontario a favorite destination of many hiking and trekking lovers.

Explore the Wortley Village

Wortley Village

The Wortley Village is a historical site that is filled with many rare architectural gems from the 1800s and early 1900s. The village is known for its beautiful homes, unique shops, and vibrant community atmosphere.

Besides that, It is also home to some of the best restaurants in the city, The Sweet Onion Bistro, Plant Matter Kitchen, Sagi, and the popular ‘Quarter Master Natural Foods’.

Get Relaxed at Idlewyld Inn & Spa

 Idlewyld Inn & Spa

Located in the South of the city, Idlewyld Inn & Spa is a perfect place to stay and get relaxed. It is best known for its award-winning spa services, like massages, facials, body treatments, and hair & nail services.

Besides that, It also has a few certified therapists, who are known for using natural and organic products to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to their guests and visitors.

Indulge at the Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre

When it comes to watching a live concert nothing can be better than the Grand Theatre, located on Richmond Street. The theatre has two stages and two classy lounges, where both classic local and international talent can showcase their talents.

If you are planning to visit the Grand Theatre then don’t forget to book the tickets in advance otherwise you might have to wait a bit longer or may have to face some inconvenience.

Explore the ‘Old East Village’

Old East Village

It is one of the unique and beautiful locations in London’s downtown area. The place is known for its fresh local bakeries, artifacts shops, cultural centers, and small retail shops.

The village is also home to several art galleries and cultural attractions, such as the Forest City Gallery and the Aeolian Hall which further contribute to making it a renowned destination for both locals as well as tourists.

Have a launch at Katana Kafe & Grill

Katana Kafe & Grill

Katana Kafe & Grill is a Japanese restaurant, that is known for its delicious food, excellent service, and friendly staff. It is located right beside the London International Airport which offers a delightful view of planes taking off and landing down.

To your surprise, many locals don’t even know that this kind of restaurant exists in their city.

Why is London Ontario called ‘The Forest City’?

London Ontario, is also known as “The Forest City” because it was a large forested area. The city’s name was given due to the abundance of trees present in the area. Even today, London, Ontario has millions of trees and is one of the best places to live in Canada.

Over time, the forest was cleared to make way for farmland and the development of towns and cities. However, the city of London has always made every possible effort to preserve its green habitat.

Even today, London Ontario has more than 200 parks with over 40,000 trees in them. The city’s spirit to preserve its natural beauty is one of the reasons why it is still known as “The Forest City.”

Is London Ontario Expensive?

No, London, Ontario is quite an affordable place to live. Compared to other major Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, it’s still the most affordable and cheapest place to live in Canada. For instance, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in London, Ontario is around $1,000 per month, and the house price in London Ontario is around $350,000.

Have a look at the cost of living in London, Ontario compared with other major Canadian cities in Canada:

CityRent for One-Bedroom ApartmentHouse Price
Toronto$2,200/per month$1.3 million
Vancouver$2,500/per month$1.8 million
Calgary$1,500/per month$600,000
Ottawa$1,600/per month$700,000
London$1,000/per month$350,000

Why London Ontario is a famous City in Canada?

London, Ontario, also known as “The Forest City,” is a hub of education, culture, and natural beauty. The world wide renowned “University of Western Ontario”, London attracts hundreds of scholars and elite minds from around the globe.

The museums, theaters, and art galleries, showcase preserved history and culture of the city. Annual festivals like the London Music Festival and the Budweiser Gardens International Festival of Lights, are some of the most popular festivals of the town.

The city has more than 200 parks with more than 40,000 trees which is about 20% of the city area and that’s one of the reasons why it is called ‘The Forest City’.

Final thoughts: Best Things to Do in London, Ontario

London, Ontario is one of the best cities to live in and has quite a lot to offer for tourists. The city has a ton of places to visit and explore for all visitors irrespective of their ages.

It’s a perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and enjoy a week off with your friends. Some of the most popular things that you can do while being in London Ontario are check out Boler Mountain for skiing and snowboarding, stroll around Springbank Park, Explore the Covent Garden Market, and a lot more.

If you are visiting the city with your kids then you need to visit 100 Kellogg Lane as it has a lot of indoor activities like trampolines, ziplines, and rope climbing that will keep them busy and entertained,

Have a Safe and Happy Journey!

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